White Dwarf WD 1145+017 Photometric Monitoring by a Team of (Mostly) Amateur Observers 
Bruce L. Gary, web page 3 of 3, 2016.08.08

1 of 3 - 2015.11.01 to 2016.01.21:  LC Observations 
2 of 3 - 2016.01.17 to 2016.07.13:  LC Observations 
3 of 3 - 2016.01.17 to 2016.07.13:  Overview & Results

This web page has moved. I used to include light curve observations of WD1145 for 2016 Jan 21 to 2016 Jul 13. It was PW-protected starting in April because we had decided to write an article for thes observations. This has been done, and the article has been submitted to MNRAS (Jul 21). It is now available at arXiv.

I suggest that you browse to the "3 of 3" web page link, above, for seeing what used to be on this web page.

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