MGAB-V3370 Transit Light Curve Photometry
Bruce L. Gary, 2020 Oct 09, 05 UT

MGAB-V3370 is a white dwarf that exhibits transits that are 73 % deep every 1.33 days. The goal for the photometry observations reported here is to derive a precision transit shape by stacking many individual transit observations, which can be used for distinguishing between transits caused by a brown dwarf star and a planet.

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Basic Info for WD1856

RA/DE = 23:13:49.5 +18:15:24. g'-mag = 18.5, Teff  = "hot," Transit ephemeris: BJD = ~ 2459114.7318 + E x 1.334011. Transit depth = 73 %, length = 13.8 minutes (ingress to egress). Observing season is centered on September 13.

Stacking Results to Date

Here's a stack of 3 dips. 

Figure 1. Stacked LC for 3 dips.

The data plotted n the above LC can be downloaded here: link 

Individual Observing Sessions




Full moon is a problem for my 16 " observing a 18.5-mag target star.


Bad seeing; not worth processing.



Figure S1. Sampling of SED data form Vizier Photometry Tool. The presene of a M-dwarf component is very uncertain due to contamination of the longest wavelength measurements from the nearby red star to the NE.

Finder Chart

FOV = 15.7 x 10.5 'arc, NE upper-left.

SDSS image.


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